Farm Loans

Providing agricultural financing to small businesses and large enterprises, WADOT prides ourselves on helping grow American agriculture.

Whether it’s a loan for farm equipment or for farmland, we use the property equity you have as collateral to provide funding to farmers and agri-business looking to expand harvest capabilities and efficiency.

If you are thinking about financing new equipment or investing in more acreage, talk to one of our dedicated employees today about what an agricultural loan could do for your business.

WADOT Understands Agricultural Business Loans

Our speedy service will get you the funds you need in time to expand your business or purchase agricultural equipment – on your schedule.

No more waiting for conventional lenders to wrap their head around your business. We understand agri-business, and we've built our financing plans to meet your needs.

By using your equity as collateral, we can provide the financing to purchace more acreage, buy new equipment, and expand your farming capacity.

We've built a reputation of fast and fiscally sound financing. If you grow it, we can help you grow your business!

Nobody is faster.
Nobody will take better
care of you than WADOT.


Where We Work

From Washington apples to Oregon wine and Idaho potatoes, WADOT is a long-trusted partner of  Pacific Northwest agriculture.  If you own acreage and have sufficient equity, we can work out financing to meet your needs, whether it's financing for equipment or land. 

We serve Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Our Northwest focus - and our long-running experience with the rural areas of the region - have helped us build strong partnerships and a deep understanding of your industry.

For all the seasons of your business, we can help you grow.

Benefits of Financing with WADOT

  • No credit requirements
  • No income requirements
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Fast assessment of collateral
  • Funding often as fast as 48 hours
  • Dedicated and professional staff
  • Excellent financing rates
  • No upfront fees

Understanding WADOT Financing

WADOT Capital Inc. is primarily a “Loan to Value” or “LTV”-driven lender. As a hard money lender, we provide financing to companies and individuals based on collateral, not credit or income. And unlike other financial institutions we never penalize or charge additional fees for early payment of your commercial real estate loan.

Our requirements are simple, and funding arrives quickly.

Contact WADOT

Call WADOT today and let's talk about how a hard money loan can help your agri-business grow.

From land to equipment, farming and agricultural loans can make the difference for your business.

When you’re ready to take the next step, one of our representatives will work with you through our fast and easy financing process.

We don’t base funding on what you grow, only what you need. As a company we never penalize our clients for paying of their loans early. So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than today to utilize the equity in your agricultural property, and grow your business through a WADOT loan.

$663,000 agricultural loan in Connell, WA

18 parcels in Connell area consisting of approx. 2,600 acres. Additional collateral of 12 irrigation pivots and 6 pumps on the farm were used to obtain borrower's desired loan amount.